Rotational Mold Finishes

Diversified Mold & Castings offers a number of mold finishes that can be applied to a rotational mold. Whether it is a matte or high gloss finish DMC can apply it to your mold. Different finishes offered:

120 Sandblast
230 Shot Peen
330 Shot Peen
550 Shot Peen
780 Shot Peen

Surface Finishes:
180 Hand Sand
240 Hand Sand
320 Hand Sand
400 Hand Sand
600 Hand Sand
Mirror Finish

Teflon Finishes:
*1000 Green
*3000 Brown
*6000 Bright Green
*7000 Bright Green
*50 Black

*Supplied by local OSV

Rotational Mold Soccer

Soccer Ball

Diversified also specializes in supplying organic mold surface finishes to give more options to a finished look of any part.

Organic Surfaces: Stone, Wood Grain, Terracotta, Wicker

Rotational Mold Finishes stone

Rotational Mold Finishes wood

Rotational Mold Finishes terracotta

Rotational Mold Finishes wicker

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