Rotational Molding is one of the fastest growing processes for molding structural plastic parts in the world. It offers a tremendous amount of flexibility in relation to part shape and size that is often limited in other plastic molding processes. Another huge advantage is the capital expenditures in relationship to injection or blow molding. Roto Molding is a very cost-effective option for manufacturing your structural plastic part.

From Concept to Reality…
At Diversified we excel in supplying molds to the Rotational Mold industry. As a turnkey operation, we offer services in a wide range of areas living up to the Diversified name. From concept to final mold we play an integral part through the process. Using our knowledge and experience we are able to assist customers as they bring their ideas to us. In coordination with them, we take those ideas and walk alongside them as they become a reality.

Mold CAD Drawing

Rotational Molding Frame

Rotational Molding

Because of the effective & efficient processes of Rotational Molding many different industries are taking advantage of what Roto has to offer. Diversified Mold & Casting has been able to serve those industries with quality molds.

  • Toy Industry
  • Recreation, Marine, and Outdoor Industry
  • Commercial Playground
  • Automotive
  • Duct Molds
  • Home & Garden
  • Medical
  • Agricultural
  • Transportation Industry
  • Petroleum Exploration
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